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Wilton Dance Studio Policies, Participants Responsibilities and Tuition
The following guidelines and policies were created to ensure a safe, informative and healthy dance experience.  Please read all Policies and Participants Responsibilities and acknowledge prior to acceptance of registration (updated July 2015).
Wilton Dance Studio Policies –

  1. Class placement:  New students wishing to enroll in a level II class or above will need to call the office for an appointment for a placement class.  Students may be moved to a different level class during the year at the discretion of the instructor and the director.
  2. Studio Holidays:  Please see posted Calendar available on our website and at the office.
  3. Dress Codes: See class descriptions for specific requirements.  Attire & footwear should be purchased at the dance studio during our Open House/Dance Boutique days:  August 28th - August 30th from 1 – 6 pm on Th. & F, 10 am - 3 pm on Sat.
  4. Observation: Studios have observation windows for ongoing viewing, additionally parents will be invited into the studios during the last week before the December break and for the lower school classes one week in May.
  5. Inclement weather:  Please listen for Wilton School closings, delayed openings or early dismissals.  We follow the Wilton schedule with regard to emergency closings.
  6. Communication: The director will be happy to arrange a conference at the student’s or parent’s request.  Please do not distract teachers in between classes. Any changes to schedule must be made through the office.
  7. Performances are a privilege and as such minimum attendance policies are in place.  Participants will need to purchase a costume ($75 - $105 range) and audience members will need to purchase tickets to help defray the many costs involved with producing these events.
  8. Classes may be cancelled or combined based on enrollment.

Registration, Tuition, Costumes and Discounts - On line Registration now available

  1. Registration is handled on a first-come, first serve basis. Payment may be made by either check payable to Wilton Dance Studio, Inc., cash, or credit card.  (On-line with credit card only.)  There is an annual $50.00 per family registration fee.
  2. Tuition fees are for one academic year September to June with the exception of the preschool programs & the adult classes which are offered by terms. Preschool classes are offered in two 16 week terms. Adult classes are offered in 6 week sessions.    
  3. Tuition is due by first class in September. Payment plans are available. See registration form for details.
  4. Additional costs:  Appropriate dance attire & footwear. Costumes for spring show per class to be billed in January and are due upon receipt. Costume fees are in the $75 - $105 range. (Occasionally older ballet students and individual role costumes may vary slightly.) Tickets for performances.
  5. Family Discount - Parents with more than one child enrolled in the program may take 5% off the combined tuition total.  If the total of combined classes are more than 4 classes, families may take advantage of the larger 10% tuition discount. (Excluded from any discounts are Ballet III/IVa, IVb, V, VI and Nutcracker participation fees as these programs already have a built in tuition incentive.)
  6. Volume Discounts - A 5% discount is offered for children taking three classes per week.  A 10% discount is offered for children taking four or more classes per week. (Ballet III/IVa, IVb, V, VI and Nutcracker are excluded from any further discounts.)  
  7. Returned checks will incur a $35.00 fee.


  1. Refunds.   Students will be entitled to a full refund (less a $50.00 processing fee) after the first class provided the office is notified in writing within 24 hours of the class.   A 75% refund of tuition will be issued for students dropping after the 2nd or 3rd class.  No refunds will be issued after the fourth class, no matter what the reason.  All changes or dropping of classes must be received in writing to the office.

General Building Etiquette:

  1. Parking: Be kind to our neighbors.  Please do not park in spaces that face the building (in front of the Bank, Wine shop and the Dry Cleaners).  Parents please remind caregivers who are driving your child about this policy.
  2. Common areas (elevator, hallways and bathrooms) are shared spaces with other businesses.  Please use these areas in a quiet and respectful manner.

Classroom and Waiting Room Etiquette:

  1. For student's safety, please wait for a teacher present before entering the studio.
  2. No food and drink except for water is permitted. Please no gum for students or siblings.
  3. Students, siblings, parents, and teachers are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. A friendly, warm, environment is essential for learning.
  4. Please do not wear your dance shoes (including Hip Hop sneakers) outside. They can bring in harmful debris into the dance studio, similarly, please do not wear your street shoes into the studios.
  5. SIBLINGS MUST BE WATCHED AT ALL TIMES. Do not leave anyone unattended in the waiting or changing rooms.
  6. Early drop off or late pick up. Special arrangements may be made for students requiring special drop-off or pick up times by contacting the office. Otherwise students are expected to arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time, and be picked up within 10 minutes of class end time.
  7. Please help us by picking up after your child when they are done playing with the toys and books.


  1. Punctual and regular attendance is expected of all WDS students in order to maintain optimal benefits of this chosen activity. Arrive on time and prepared for classes.  Please allow a few minutes for your child to adjust from their previous activity to the dance studio. Older dancers should arrive early enough to allow themselves to warm up their muscles prior to class start in order to get the most out of each class.
  1. Please call the office when a student will be absent and when making up classes.
  2. Missed classes and snow days should be made up by taking another class currently in the schedule.  Make-up classes are to be up in the same or a lower level class.  Make-ups do not have to be made up in the same style of dance if one is not available, experimentation in other dance styles is encouraged.  Please contact the office when making up a class.

Participants Responsibilities
The policies have been developed to help each dancer become aware of what is expected so that everyone may enter each class feeling prepared, ready to learn and have fun.

  1. Proper Class Attire. A dress code helps to make dance class feel special, which it is!  A dress code also makes it possible for the teachers to see clearly the student's line and placement. Please purchase items from our studio store or from a reputable dance store as “off brands” often do not fit well causing discomfort, becoming a source of distraction and frustration. Additionally, a cover-up should be worn when entering and leaving the studio, or studio related event, no matter what the season or weather. Never wear dance shoes outside. Check each class description for dress code requirements.
  2. Hair.  For Ballet class hair must be in a secure bun: bobby pins and/or hair pins and a hair net. (Please no "scrunchie" buns.)  All loose hair must be pinned away from the face and neck. Hair snoods are acceptable. For all other classes: hair is to be secured off face in a ponytail or by other means.  If hair is loose and free flowing it easily becomes a distraction, taking away from the child's ability to participate in the class unencumbered.
  3. The wearing of watches & jewelry can lead to injury, so please leave these items at home as we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  4. Proper Classroom Etiquette. Teachers and assistants shall be addressed appropriately inside and outside of the classroom. Dancers are expected to be courteous to everyone involved with the studio, including each other.
  5. Do you want to become a better dancer? Daily Practice is crucial. Please remember to stretch and practice at home.
  6. Keep those bodies healthy & strong. Proper nutrition is essential to building and maintaining a healthy and strong body.  Eat lots of vegetables, fruit and proteins. Drink lots of water daily and get adequate rest. Growing bodies need lots of sleep!
  7. Did you know we sweat a lot? Please be sure all dancewear is laundered regularly. Deodorant should be a consideration for all students age 8 and up for dance class. Your fellow students & teachers thank you!
MOST IMPORTANT:  After reading all of the above...LEARN, GROW AND HAVE FUN!
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